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Are you eager to build a career and still enjoy a fulfilling life with family and friends? Are you an executive seeking to avoid burn-out, or recover from it? Are you an athlete looking for one all-round approach to training? Are you someone recovering from a serious illness? Or are you simply a human being seeking rest, relaxation and balance in the chaos of life? Then reach out, connect and start your transformative journey now!

With over 25 years of C-Level leadership experience in large multinationals, Daniela has transformed a lifetime of knowledge into a mission: to guide and inspire people on their personal growth journey. Explore the founder’s journey and the beliefs driving her overall approach.

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From yoga sessions to executive mentoring, discover a range of services tailored for your unique journey.

From the Desk to the Mat

Elevate your well-being with our executive-friendly breathwork, mindfulness and relaxation sessions.

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Stay tuned for special classes, workshops and themed well-being retreats throughout the year.

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Explore a variety of transformative sessions designed to nourish and balance your mind, body, and spirit

Executive mentoring

Make the deliberate commitment to unlock your true potential and start on your journey to personal growth. Enrich every aspect of your life and increase the ability to meaningfully impact your professional and personal spheres, while cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself.

Hatha yoga

Experience the timeless practice of Classic Sivananda Yoga, tailored to your needs. Immerse yourself in this transformative practice to reduce stress, create a deep sense of balance and promote overall physical health and vitality.

Yoga Nidra

Experience the restorative power of Yoga Nidra – also known as conscious or Yogic sleep – a practice that transcends conventional relaxation techniques. Unwind from the busy daily life, diving into a state of conscious, deep relaxation, alleviating stress and anxiety.

Breath & mindfulness

Harness the power of conscious breathing to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and enhance mental focus. The practice starts with a gentle warm up, foundational to any effective breathwork, and ends with a short meditation, to boost emotional resilience and establish a pathway to inner calm.

The Oxygen Advantage

These techniques help you regain fully functional breath and lead to increased energy levels, heightened mental focus, and improved cardiovascular health. If you’re an athlete – hobby or professional – it will help you improve breath efficiency and oxygen utilisation for increased physical endurance and overall performance.


Join special classes and workshops for immersive, transformative experiences


On this special journey of discovery you will learn to follow your breath towards inner peace and profound rejuvenation. Allow yourself to reconnect with your essence through the power of Yoga and mindful breathing practices. 


Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on a journey of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. This tranquil retreat, designed for ultimate recovery, is offering a haven for those seeking solace, restoration, and inner peace.


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